Terms of Contract
Loyall Marketing

Loyall Marketing Terms & Conditions

1. The Nature and Scope of the Assignment

The undersigned confirms that they have engaged Loyall to provide marketing services on behalf of their business. The scope of the services includes assisting in the use of data collected through the customer's use of Loyall Solutions. Loyall will provide ongoing information about results. If the customer wishes to terminate the assignment, they must provide immediate notice to Loyall, and will be charged for any services rendered up to the point of termination.

2. Salary and Invoicing

The assignment is considered to be ongoing from the date of engagement, and billing will be calculated from that date. The customer will be invoiced on a monthly basis, in accordance with the invoice terms agreed upon. Production costs will be invoiced when production begins.

3. Hourly Rates

Loyall will charge the customer at the following hourly rates for its employees:
Marketing: NOK 1,290 per hour
Technical: NOK 1,290 per hour
Packages: Will be invoiced as outlined in the package details.

4. Other Terms

The terms of service outlined in the standard Loyall terms and conditions apply to this assignment and are available on our website. The customer's terms will be affected by the technical delivery they have with Loyall Solutions. In addition, the customer must comply with any specific terms and conditions associated with Loyall Collect and Loyall Loyalty+ services.

In accordance with our standard terms, the resignation period for our marketing packages is one month, unless otherwise specified. Please note that contract periods for our marketing packages may vary, so be sure to confirm the specific terms of your package before making a commitment.

5. Lack of Feedback

If Loyall does not receive a response to a draft within 5 days of dispatch, we will consider the campaign to have been accepted. If Loyall does not receive material for regular campaigns 5 days after the agreed time, we will consider the campaign to have been accepted.

6. Processing of Personal Data

In accordance with applicable laws and regulations, Loyall is required to obtain consent for the processing of personal data on behalf of physical persons. Therefore, it is a prerequisite for the assignment that the customer consents to the use and processing of personal data for physical persons in accordance with these rules. Such consent will be assumed to have been given at the beginning of the assignment unless the assignment is withdrawn in accordance with Section 1.

By engaging Loyall to provide services under this agreement, customer acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.


Please contact our support department at: support@loyall.no.